Visual Debate

This application enforces the CANT/CUZ protocol to maintain intelligent discussion. The contradiction routine is founded upon an explicit (user-specified) hierarchy which creates a hybrid approach between the Belief Map and Contradictions.

For local collaboration within a small group this is an incredible way to see an argument unfold without the rebuttals moving around. Contrarily, the Contradiction APP is heavily dependent upon wild-card matching and it can behave in a way that is considered volatile.

LocalStorage Database

Think of LocalStorage as a large cookie which lets the browser act like a high-tech colorful & animated sandbox which remembers its state. All of Thought Cot's App's share the same local-based XML database which can be imported / exported from here.

This is a web-based application which uses a localhost storage engine. Your web-browser prevents access to the file system for security reasons. That means that you must COPY & PASTE the database file (in XML format) for both importing and exporting. If you clear your browser's LocalStorage cache, the database will be erased. Protect your work by exporting the XML structure to a file on your PC or to an external drive.

CTRL-A to "select" all of the text.
CTRL-C to "copy" the selected text to your clipboard.
CTRL-V to "paste" the copied text into a text editor.
CTRL-S to "save" the XML file to your PC.
Post the XML File to a Web Server
The XML file will be "posted" to the following URL without any name/value pairs.
Import / Export Teacher's DB
Teacher's Right Messages
Add New "Right Message"
This will add another "Right Message" for the selected teacher.
Each "Right Message" may contain zero or more "Right Sentences"
First, choose a unique identifier for the message.

Right Message Name: (No spaces or symbols)
An Accurate Message: