The Interactive Document Map

This application will facliate interactive DVD's in a way that nobody imagined. Development on robot was paused due to time-constraints. However, the application can provide interactivity over other mediums. This is offers an ideal way to teach others how to do anything.

One person had roughly 1,000 nodes stored in the Right Message Map regarding a children education application. The formation of squares began to develop in an interesting way, by zooming out it became apparent what the main arguments were centered around. The primary trunk gravitated twoards the Sqrt(2)/2, below is a screen shot of the upper half.

Lesson plan

Movie Duration Gradient

Imagine watching a movie where you can "crank a knob" which would control the length of the movie. For example, if 1/2 way through the movie is taking too long it would be possible to speed up playback in a way that includes the most important parts. The entire movie could be played in 5 minutes or if it is really good it could be forelengthened to 5 hours.

Ideal Document Structure

This system can be used to guide authors into making a compelling document structure. It can be used for a web-based application or it can be printed on a conventional book. For example, it would let readers know to "skip ahead to page #89" if you already agree with this heading, etc.

"If you haven't captured your readers attention in the first minute, ..." The point of writing is to change another person's mind or augment it. The first paragraph should be the most outrageous thereby provoking controversy. Either a person wants to discover the writer's shortcomings or the reader hopes to be convinced.

Some problems encountered with traditional writing.

  • Author's are torn between saying too much and losing the attention of sophisticated readers or saying too little, thereby catering to a smaller audience of experts.
  • Readers may already believe (or understand) what the author claims in a heading but they are afraid to skip the section and get lost in a later one.
  • No protocol exists which guides writing style document structure does not adhere to any.


This application generates envelopes which can be uploaded to a local web-server so that they can be printed out in a large batch.

The Right Message Map App

This APP was running in its own page before. After behing imported into the Thought Cot template some graphical bugs appeared. For example, when hovering over a square the roll-over data (and edit window) are in the wrong X/Y location. Some of the contents spill out of the pop-up windows, CTRL-S doesn't save the "edit window", and there are a few other minor issues. Nonetheless, the APP is still functioning OK.

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